About Us

The Personal Touch... Getting to Know the Staff & Management of Gibbons Automotive

Meet Mike Gibbons, Owner & Operator

Often the first face you see when you bring your car in for service, Mike Gibbons is not just the owner—he's the first line of defense in protecting your automotive investment. Mike's father started the business in 1978, with Mike assuming ownership of our auto repair shop in 1998.

Several years ago, Mike saw the need for a complete auto repair service in Media and began the transition to a full-service shop. Mike changed the name of the business to Gibbons Automotive, banking on the trust generated by decades of dependable service and quality work that was his father's business passion.

Mike is fully immersed in the diagnostic process; he asks you the right questions to diagnose the problem and will often ride with you on a test drive to pinpoint the exact problems. Sometimes he can even identify the problem before we need to utilize our sophisticated diagnostic testing equipment. There is no better way to get to the heart of the problem than with human senses and know-how.

In addition to being a trusted name in the auto repair and maintenance business, Mike Gibbons is also a professional car broker. His expertise in car mechanics made him the perfect student when learning the dealership side of the car industry, with one exception. He is more concerned with helping his loyal customers find the right car at the best price, rather than turning a profit. With access to the nation's largest "Dealer Only" auctions, Mike is sure to deliver the perfect car at the perfect price. You don't have to just rely on his word. You can simply ask the numerous customers that he has worked with.

The Rest of Our Automotive Team

Walt, who everyone calls " Senior", has more than 30 years of experience in the automotive business. As the Head Technician and Shop Foreman , he provides the stability, knowledge, and experience required to make Gibbons Automotive the finest auto shop in Delaware County. Senior is ASE Certified and is a firm believer in continuing education to remain up-to-date on the newest diagnostic methods to repair even the latest generations of automobiles.

Walt Jr., who everyone calls "Junior", is a second generation auto technician. Junior grew up fixing cars with his dad and rose to an ASE certified Master level by the age of 23. He has advanced in his career to become a top diagnostic technician and has quickly become recognized as the German car specialist in the area.

Phil offers 15 years of experience working on automobiles just like yours. He excels in bringing you the type of service you can trust so you can get back on the road faster. When Phil works on your vehicle, you feel safer and drive with more confidence knowing that such an experienced mechanic completed your automotive work. Phil also acquired his ASE certifications while mastering the tough emission-related repairs associated with controlling smog in the state of California.

Jim likes to do the heavy work in the shop. His ability to remove and replace engines, transmissions, and differentials make him the "muscle" of the shop. Jim is also no stranger to Japanese Cars. He worked as a Master Technician for Toyota/Lexus before joining the Gibbons Automotive team in 2009.

Benny has been a professional auto detailer for over 17 years. His job is to ensure that your car leaves the shop looking better than when you dropped it off!