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The Importance of Scheduled Maintenance & the Perils of Ignoring Strange Noises, Poor Handling, or the "Check Engine" Light

Your automobile is a precision instrument with hundreds of moving parts and dozens of interconnected technologies developed over the years. However, most of the time we take our vehicles for granted as reliable transportation for our families and for all the stuff we need to move from here to there—groceries, the kids' sports equipment, holiday packages, things we need for work, the recycling, etc.

We fill it up with gas when necessary, wash it periodically, maybe check the oil, but essentially, most of us just get in, turn the key and drive. We usually don't bother to take care of the engine until we hear an odd noise—a pop, a click, a thud, a squeal, grinding, whining, whirring, or buzzing.

There's a lot that can go wrong with your automobile. The last thing you need is to suddenly find your car losing power on I-95 while everyone else is blasting by you. No one wants to experience the sickening feeling of a spongy brake pedal or an engine that just won't start on a frigid January morning.

Four Common Factors That Cause Emergency Automobile Problems

At Gibbons Automotive, we have discovered that most service emergencies can be attributed to four factors:

1.) Lack of preventive maintenance. Ignoring scheduled maintenance intervals is the surest way that you'll pay more in the long run. Our extensive diagnostic testing can catch potential problems before you need major repairs.

2.) Ignoring warning lights. Your car's instrument panel displays more than a simple "check engine" light—there are dozens of different and often confusing symbols. The good news for you is that many are simple, do-it-yourself fixes: the low fuel light, wiper fluid, tire pressure, oil pressure, and lamp failure notices, for example. However, most other warning symbols require a call to an expert.

3.) Minimizing an ongoing problem. We have many reasons to ignore what we think are small problems: because it's inconvenient to schedule service, we don't want to think about the expense, or the symptom is only intermittent. But you know your car's sounds and the way it drives and feels better than anyone since you drive it every day. So ignore strange noises at your car's peril!

4.) Abuse of the vehicle. When we first get a new car, we're extra careful—parking away from other cars, going easy on the brakes, and driving a little more slowly. However, after just a few months, we're back to old habits: accelerating on the interstate, braking hard, letting it go too long between oil changes, and neglecting to give it regular maintenance. It may seem like "normal" driving, but in reality, you're abusing your vehicle, shortening its life, and ensuring that you'll be in for service before you really want to.

Don't take chances with your car or let a small annoyance develop into a major headache. Contact Gibbons Automotive at the first sign of trouble for the expert services that you and your car require.

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